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Sunset Color at Mt. Diablo

Sunset Color at Mt. Diablo

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Heron with Cranes

I was so pleased to hear that one of my favorite images from the last few years was given an  Honorable Mention in the Bay Area Sheridan Prize for Art! Thank you and sending big congratulations to winners in all categories. 

Visit my new Portrait Gallery

Due to an increased interest in portraiture, I've added a new section to my webpage. Check out my portrait gallery! Thank you to all of my amazing models. 

Sabrina Aller

Sabrina Aller

Independence Day with Entourage

Independence Day with Entourage

This Fourth of July portrait of my daughter has been selected to be a part of the online gallery in the upcoming Portraits exhibit at PhotoPlace Gallery! It will be shown in the permanent online gallery, the exhibition book, and the slideshow projected in the gallery.

Untitled photo

Contra Loma Path with Autumn Trees

Thank you Big Break Visitors Center for including my piece in your Meanings of Autumn Art Show. It will be on display through the end of the year!

Delta Decay

Delta Decay is on display at The Big Break Visitor Center for the months of August and September, 2021!

East Bay Paths and Staircases Project

Ampitheater at Joaquin Miller Park

Ampitheater at Joaquin Miller Park

2020 Crestmont School Holiday Fundraiser

Crestmont Promo

Purple Haze at Claremont Canyon

My photo Purple Haze at Claremont Canyon will appear in the East Bay Regional Park District's 2021 Calendar!

Purple Haze in Claremont Canyon

Trellised Beans

This shelter-in-place photo of scarlet runner beans in my garden was recently featured in the chapbook collaboration between Plants and Poetry Journal and Poets are the Destroyers "When Pens Bloom".

Quaranteam Dream

I am pleased to my piece Quaranteam Dream included in the Thriving in Place Exhibit at Abrams Claghorn Gallery in Albany, CA.  I printed it at 10"x20" on float mounted metal.

Quaranteam Dream began with a digital photograph taken in June at Berkeley’s César Chávez Park. In the image, my daughter and her friend deliberately trudge up a hill covered with wind-blown grasses toward a skyline of somber clouds. Although I took a number of photographs at this location, this one stands out to me because of the composition and the figures’ perfect symmetry. The image has dark and dreamlike qualities, which I emphasized by opting for black and white, darkening the sky, adding a haze to the grasses, and printing on metal.

This piece speaks to the theme of resilience. Shelter-at-home has meant practicing my crafts of photography and writing with a completely different lifestyle. While my photography will more usually focus on a natural landscape, this image centers on my family, as does my current life. As time marches on and we remain in quarantine, our traditions and routines are altered by Covid-19, changing the color of life itself. We feel as though we are living in a fog or trance, a dreary one at that. But, we find moments of beauty and synchronicity. The outdoors has been a place of escape from the monotony of our days, where we might find adventure, interaction, and exhilaration. Children have been disproportionately impacted by the situation, cut off from schools and activities. But children are natural hill climbers in the face of a cloudy day; they grow and develop no matter what. Families are finding new ways to connect. We are lonely, but we are together. We’re doing our best with what we have.

Untitled photo

Digital Backgrounds

  • Untitled photo
  • Otherworldly

East Bay Regional Park District is offering Digital Backgrounds that feature East Bay Parks for video calls. I am honored that two of my photos are included in their collection. They are available for download here and here.

Images of the Bay

My series is  on display and the salon is open! They are keeping limited hours and have low capacity for social distancing, so please call before you go by!


1772 Solano Ave,

Berkeley, CA 94707

(510) 526-3684

Artist Statement:

The intersections of industry, recreation, and nature around the shores of the San Francisco Bay emerged when examining my photos from the last year. The last decade has been one of tumultuous political and economic change for long-term residents of the Bay Area. The scenes in this exhibit are a backstage to that. These photos represent an area where change is slower, or at least less visible. Shot at the heart of our region, they are both timeless and representative of our era.

The images are printed at 16 x 24  (or 24 x 16) Float Mounted MetalPrint (Mid Gloss). I am pleased with the results and found metal to be an appropriate medium to represent these subjects. The flavors that come through range from elegance to grittiness and minimalism to unexpected treasures.


Molecule - a tiny lit mag

Check out my images that were included in the first two issues of Molecule-a tiny lit mag!

Get in touch, I'd love to connect!  dtibbs.photos@gmail.com